Experience the veggie box


At the heart of Blue Roots Farm is an aquaponics system that grows beautiful, fresh greens and herbs every day of the year. Our plants play a critical role in our system by turning the nitrogen produced by the fish into healthy and nutritious leaves and roots. This type of farming is the integration of recirculating aquaculture (fish farming that recycles water) and hydroponics (soil-less agriculture) into a single food production system. In its most basic form, the system circulates nutrient rich water from the fish through the roots of the plants. The plants clean the water and then it is returned back to the fish tanks.


The Blue Roots Farm aquaponics system is a sustainable way to grow veggies and fish because it is modeled after processes that occur in nature. We have built an ecosystem that recycles water, that has no waste, and that is housed in a controlled growing environment. Our system is so efficient that the only water loss is from evaporation. The minimal waste we produce (plant trimmings, uneaten fish food) is composted and used on our market garden and orchard. And the complex ecological interactions in the system mean that we get better growth rates, higher yields, and healthier produce.

We focus our greenhouse production on low stature, fast growing leafy greens and herbs. Nutrients for the plants are created by Steelhead Trout, a species native to the Cowichan Valley and the Pacific Northwest.