Experience fresh produce 365 days a year


We only source seeds that are non-GMO. We never use harmful pesticides or herbicides. And, like everything on our farm, we treat our plants with the love and respect that they deserve. Because most of our plants are grown without soil, they are never thirsty. The nutrients the plants need are dissolved in the water that passes over their roots so they always have the food they need to grow healthy and strong. We grow our greens and herbs in a greenhouse which means that they are never stressed out by extreme weather events and they don't feel the pressures from climate change. Our plants are grown in vertical towers so they have lots of room to grow and get good airflow around their stems. Because they are never thirsty, hungry, or stressed our plants are strong and resilient which means that we have great growth rates and fewer pest problems than a conventional farm.

Green leafy vegetables begin to lose their nutritional quality as soon as they are harvested, which is why we harvest our produce within hours of it being delivered. We’re making it possible for fresh produce to taste like you grew it in your own backyard. Fresh like your neighbour grew too much and dropped extra greens off that morning. Fresh in that way that you know it’s super good for you to eat that bushel of greens. Fresh like “why wait for a salad at dinner, I’m just going to eat this lettuce right now” kind of fresh :)